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At qvintphoto.com you will find regularly alternating displays of extraordinary vintage photos of personalities from the world of politics, entertainment, art and culture, as well as historical events from six decades. These are compiled for you to the standard of classical museum and gallery concepts.

Founded with the idea of providing a modern and contemporary form of traditional art dealing, QVINT is an online shop for exclusive vintage press photographs inspired by classical galleries.

Each photograph is an original and tells its own story. Press stamps, markings and signs of the time on the vintage prints all bear witness to its former purpose and use: the documentation of events of the day and contemporary history – authentic, original, unique.

All series published by QVINT in the shop were curated by us, with the content of the individual photographs being carefully coordinated.

Ideas and thoughts on events of the day, contemporary history and the spirit of the time that inevitably emerge from the inspection and selection of the photographs are discussed in essays and accompanying texts by various authors, and are published by us in the QVINT online magazine.

QVINT was founded by Rebecca Novosel. She studied Art History as well as Economic and Social History at Universities in Germany, France and Switzerland and has been working in the international art market for several years before founding QVINT Photographs in 2015. She lives and works in Hamburg